Lord Montague

by Lord Montague

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Lute FP
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Lute FP Love this. It's as if Black Sabbath found a demo tape from the 60s and sprung it on the unsuspecting contemporary scene. Inspired songwriting with slightly more technical musicianship than the original masters displayed. The production could be a little cleaner, but then again that's what gives it the flavour of authenticity.
Troy R McGee Jr
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Troy R McGee Jr Come on listen to that sound - don't quibble, just groove on it. This 'sound' is why Sabbath and Pentagram and Blue Cheer took you there, and this will take you there too. Favorite track: Blues Of A Woman/The Grand Chessboard.
paul rote
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paul rote Great protometal/Doom/hard rock.this sounds like a pre Black Sabbath doom band.except that there were none. It could use some better production.but this is killer!! It's these kind of finds that keep me busy searching bandcamp.thanx FDJ ,by following you I found this,plus your review is dead on!!!! Favorite track: Blues Of A Woman/The Grand Chessboard.
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FDJ Recipe: Take some Black Sabbath then add a pinch of Blue Cheer, season with some Sir Lord Baltimore and Truth and Janey.
Put the resulting mixture through the blender of DOOM and then pour into a HARD ROCK baking tray and place in a METAL oven at gas mark hellfire.
Leave for roughly 35 years and then serve.
Voila....Proto metal pie. mmmmmm. Favorite track: Answers.
The Shrieks From Below
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The Shrieks From Below 1.5.14

Get this sh*t! It's how I would imagine Black Sabbath would have sounded like in their Earth days
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released April 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Lord Montague Duluth, Minnesota

Ball-kicking psychedelic blues rock. Please listen at a high volume.

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